Friday, November 20, 2009

Tappleton Liverwurst

My friend Christy said, when I complained that my last post was the lamest blog post ever, "you're allowed one lame recipe."  But I'm breaking that rule and posting another lame recipe.  But it's only so I can tell you about this book!

Thanksgiving at the Tappletons' was written by Eileen Spinelli and illustrated by Maryann Cocca-Leffler in 1992, and re-illustrated by Megan Lloyd in 2004.  In the original book, the Tappleton family is human; in the remake, they are wolves.  I like both versions, but I'm leaning toward wolves on this one.  Since this is a picture book, I'm going to spoil the entire plot, I'm warning you right now.

We meet Mrs. Tappleton and she is getting the turkey ready for the oven on Thanksgiving morning.  The milkman comes and, while she reaches for the holiday egg-nog, the turkey gets knocked off the counter and through the open door.  She chases it down the steps and away but - oh no!!! - the turkey falls into the lake and is lost forever.  Mrs. Tappleton decides that there will be enough other things for dinner, and puts the empty roasting pan in the oven.  Meanwhile, Mr. Tappleton goes down to the bakery but - oh no!!! - they're sold out of pie.  So he buys two empty boxes tied up with string, thinking that there will be enough for dinner that lack of dessert won't matter.  Similar fates befall the sister's mashed potatoes (put in the blender to be extra-smooth, and exploded all over the walls), and the brother's salad (the components of which he fed to the school's bunny rabbit the day before). 

When the rest of the guests arrive, they are as hungry as an elephant.  The roasting pan comes out of the oven but! - no turkey! Oh no! They're as hungry as two elephants!  The bowl of mashed potatoes comes out but! it's empty! Oh no! They're as hungry as three elephants!  So they pull out the salad and pull the tin foil off but! - no salad! Oh no! They're as hungry as four elephants! So they untie the strings from the baker boxes but! - no pie! Oh no! They're as hungry as FIVE elephants!

After laughing about the fates that befell the various Thanksgiving dishes, the family decides that they are thankful to all be together, and they eat a festive meal of what they have in the fridge: liverwurst and cheese sandwiches, pickles, and applesauce.

Tappleton Liverwurst
2 slices of your favorite bread. I used the end of a loaf of French bread, cut in half.
Slices of cheese
Slices of liverwurst
Various condiments, such as mayonnaise

My aunt actually made this sandwich because she likes liverwurst and I do not, but here's the procedure:

1. Find two slices of bread and spread on condiments as desired.  We put mayonnaise on both bread halves, then layered cheese on one side and liverwurst on the other.  Stack together and enjoy.

You can tell this sandwich is very happy to be included here, as he is sticking his tongue out at us all.

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